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Lili’s Chocolate Brownies

chocolate brownies

I have to say that I have been making these for so long that I can almost do them in my sleep. Mum used one of my brownies as her prepared ingredient in a BBC Masterchef round. I was just ten when I made the one that she took to the show!


175g plain chocolate
175g butter
175g soft brown sugar
2 eggs lightly beaten
225g self raising flour

Pre-heat you oven. Standard oven 180°C / Fan-assisted oven 160°C / UK gas oven Gas Mark 4

1. Prepare a baking tin (20cm x 20cm) by lining it with aluminium foil.
2. Put the chocolate and butter into a pan and melt them together over a gentle heat.
3. Add the soft brown sugar and gently heat it until it dissolves.
4. Allow the pan to cool a little or the eggs will scramble. I put the bottom of the pan in a washing up bowl of cold water to cool it down.
5. Add the lightly beaten eggs and then carefully fold in the flour.
6. Pour the mixture into the prepared tin.
7. Bake in your pre-heated oven for 15-20 minutes until the brownie is just firm.

This will cut up into 15-20 squares depending on the size. Hide them if you have younger brothers or sisters to ensure that your Mum gets one :-)

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