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California’s Prop 37

The USA is one of the only countries in the world that doesn’t require genetically modified foods to be labelled. As a matter of consumer choice, pretty much every other country in the world totally allows people to buy genetically modified foods, but has mandatory labeling, so people who don’t want to eat genetically modified foods have the freedom to choose to buy another food product.

Californians now have the chance to add this freedom of choice to their stores.

Prop 37 is the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act

It’s being proposed right now by the Organic Consumer Association, and it advocates exactly what it says on the can: that all genetically modified foods sold in California would have to be labelled.

Please support this historic, ground-breaking bill by asking your local food market and organic food store to join the more than 100 retail stores that have already publicly endorsed Prop 37. Thousands of volunteers are getting on board the California Right to Know campaign by asking their local health food stores to endorse Prop 37, and to provide educational materials for their consumers.

Join in by clicking this link, and you will be sent posted and flyers to give to the manager of your local store.

Together, Californians can do this, and it will be an amazing vote for health and freedom!

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