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Ysanne in Los Angeles Magazine

Los Angeles magazine is a cross between Time Out and a high-end glossy magazine like Vogue. It’s a monthly guide to what’s cool in L.A., and the October 2009 edition is a special all about the Edible Garden.

Here’s what they say about Ysanne Spevack, founder of OrganicFoodee.com

“When the call comes from a home owner overwhelmed by the limes hanging low or the tomatoes bursting from their trellises, Ysanne Spevack gathers up her pruning shears, picking pole, gloves, and hat. The London native, now a Silver Lake resident, began offering her services as a picker and preserver in February, when she discovered people were too busy to harvest their gardens, let alone do anything with the produce. The author of 13 cookbooks on organic food and the editor of the online food magazine organicfoodee.com, Spevack transforms her clients’ fruits and vegetables into Meyer lemon marmalade, fig jam, orange curd, apple‑sauce, corn relish, pickled beets, tomato salsa, pies, and more—usually in their kitchens. After an initial visit during which she takes stock of any additional supplies she’ll need, such as canning jars or pie plates, she generally accepts two projects a week (she’s also a violinist and composer). “It’s so easy to grow here,” she says. “None of this stuff is rocket science.” » Hourly rates: $20 in the garden, $45 in the kitchen, $75 for a kitchen lesson. Email hello@pickandpreserve.com

By Ann Herold and Leilah Bernstein”


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