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Hi Ysanne,

Thanks so much for all of the information that you share.   I have a question about your list of Top 10 Fruits to buy organic.  When you list nectarines, would those be the same as clementines?

Thanks for your help!
Tonja :)


Ysanne’s reply:

Dear Tonja,

Thank you so much, it makes me so happy that you’re enjoying my website!

And here’s a photo of a nectarine. It’s exactly the same as a peach, but without the fuzzy skin.

Super yummy, and perfect when it’s in season, which is during the warmest months of summer and fall.


Ysanne xx


Tonja’s reply:

Yes, of course!  Thanks so much Ysanne.  I do know what nectarines are… I think I started to panic as we have been eating so many clementines, and there are tangerines and mandarins, and I somehow put nectarines on that list :) !

Thanks so much for your speedy response and for sharing your knowledge with so many people.  You are doing wonderful work.



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