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Durian fruit smells disgusting…


Durian is a kind of fruit that is grown and enjoyed in Indonesia. Here’s my friend Rob Ganger risking his olfactory glands by holding a box of durian hazardously close to his nose.

This stuff smells revolting. More than revolting. A combination of rotting flesh, burnt carpets and poo, the smell makes you wonder how anyone ever had the idea to try putting some of this fruit into their mouths.

Thankfully they did, as the taste is really extraordinary.

Very sweet, and then very savoury. A mixture of raspberries and sugar cane with camembert and green onions. A little goes a long way. Some people just can’t get enough, but for me, one bite was enough. I think durian is more of an ingredient to whizz into an almond milk smoothie, but aficionados would disagree.

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