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Organic seeds, ready for planting…


I’m so excited! We’re going to plant some organic food that even I have NEVER TASTED YET… Things like:

Golden Purslane, a succulent with gold-tinged leaves that you can eat raw or steamed.

Giant Red Celery, which apparently tastes pretty much the same as regular celery, but is bright red and huge!

Huazontle, a Mexican vegetable with flowers as well as leaves that you can eat like spinach.

Amaranth, which I’ve eaten as a grain, but have have yet to eat the deep purple flowers which look a bit like pampas grass.

The beautiful heirloom organic seeds arrived over the weekend and are ready to be planted in our special inner-city garden. We’ve just got to make a trip round to the local nursery to buy some more soil. Then a bit of soil tilling and compost mulching will be in order. Oh, and some more beds are needed, as we have So Many more kinds of plant to plant this season than ever before!

I’ll let you know when we go and get the soil…

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