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Movie: “US versus John Lennon”


If you haven’t seen the movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, make sure you do. If it’s the only film you go to see this year, go and see it. There isn’t any more important movie this year.

If you’ve seen that one, get ready for another documentary coming your way soon. There’s a new feature length documentary around town called ‘The US v. John Lennon’, and it’s a wonderful film, whether you’re a Lennon music fan or not. It’s an inspiring tale of another era, a story of a man who was absolutely re-writing the rules of what an artist and what a rock star can be. And at this time of conflict and crossroads, it’s just so timely to remember John and the anti-Vietnam movement.

Really superb archive footage of stuff like John and Yoko’s bed-ins and the wonderful people of America getting off their butts en masse and protesting at the White House. Excellent interviews with John’s widow, Yoko Ono, an inspiring artist in her own right, and an eloquent and moving source for all wisdom Lennonesque.

Listen, I’m an avid fan of online protest. I make MySpace friends with the right kind of people 24/7. But on-street protest – well, there’s nothing like it. The feeling of a real community on a march with a common vision is powerful stuff. And the impact of a million people in London’s Trafalgar Square in the 90′s actually turned around a major legal injustice, the Poll Tax.

So, go see. Especially if you’re too young to remember the sixties.

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