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Raw food people come to town

Gela & Jimmy

Angela Stokes came to town this week with an American raw foodie chap called Jimmy. Angela (or Gela as most people call her) is a bit of a celebrity in the raw food world. She’s a British gal who’s written a couple of very successful self-published books about losing weight by eating a raw vegan diet. She’s currently on a book promotion tour of America, and is going down a storm. California is a serious hot spot for raw food officianados, whether they’re raw food vegans like Gela, or (perhaps a little scarily) raw food omnivores, like a chap I met up in Berkeley who was into eating raw fermented liver (don’t try this at home, whatever you do!!!).

To be honest, raw food diets are not my cup of tea, as you may well know from reading my many (cooked) recipes. I am a big fan of eating everything that’s natural and organic, all in sensible portions served cooked or raw to perfection for purely delicious and healthy eating pleasure.

However, I think Gela and the raw food movement as a whole are exploring an extremely exciting area for discussion, and that most people would benefit from having more raw fruit and vegetables in their diest, particularly in North America. I take my hat off to Gela for her courage and audacity as she self-funds her tour of the USA to promote her vision of health and happiness. I applaud anything that gets people connecting with raw ingredients, thinking about organics, and generally getting out of packet-culture and into cooking-culture.

Rock on, Gela!!!


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