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Ten Foul Facts

Foul facts to inspire you to go organic!

by Ysanne Spevack

moo cow
  1. BSE has never been found in purely organic beef herds, where calves suckle and then graze on pasture untreated with chemicals.
  2. Non-­organic lettuces are sprayed 25 times before harvest.
  3. Non-­organic chickens are kept in crammed conditions and are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics.
  4. Organic birds are allowed to live longer and therefore have a stronger flavour.
  5. Battery hens eat a synthetic feed full of antibiotics and colorants. The free­range standard varies, but certified organic eggs come from hens with room to roam and a diet that’s 70 per cent organic.
  6. Battery hens account for 90% of the UK’s egg industry. All those non-­organic processed foods like cakes, ready meals and pasta contain battery eggs.
  7. Milk Cows grazing on chemicals pass them on to people who drink their milk or eat non-­organic cheese and dairy products. Dioxins, Lyndane and DDT are regularly found in non-­organic milk.
  8. Dairy herds are fed high-­protein mixes to boost milk production; organic herds graze on organic pasture and aren’t given animal protein or antibiotics.
  9. Non-­organic pigs are routinely taken from their mothers soon after birth and given hormones and antibiotics.
  10. In whole­wheat bread, pesticide residues lie on the outside of the grain, so non-­organic whole­wheat bread contains more pesticides than non-­organic white bread. But to get the full taste, texture and goodness, organic wholegrain bread is by far the best.

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