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Zero Balancing

Sessions with Della Tysall

Della Tysall

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When you talk to most people about energy, you can see their eyes glaze over in a starey cynical fashion. It falls into the same category as other unseen things, like ghosties and gods and auras. But when I questioned Della Tysall about healing energies, suddenly I was privy to the secret of the perfect down to earth, non-airy fairy, cast iron retort to your most cynical and provocative of friends and family members. To start with, there’s a small question of sound and heat, two very tangible yet invisible manifestations of energy. Quickly followed by the energy we’ve all felt when we’ve entered a room where there’s been a heated argument or a fabulous party. There’s no visual evidence to tell the tale, but we can just feel the energy in the atmosphere.

Zero Balancing is all about getting your body’s energetic system to flow in alignment with your skeletal and muscular structure. It was established about thirty years ago by an American doctor, osteopath and acupuncturist called Fritz Smith. Zero Balancing (or ZB for short) is a practical series of gentle and relaxing stretches and pressures applied to a clothed recipient by a deeply experienced and knowledgeable practitioner.

In my case, I was a slightly depressed and stressed track suit wearing visitor under the care of Della Tysall, a London based Zero Balancer with a serious background in physiotherapy. Della has the air of someone who has been involved in professional caring and support for many years, a node of assured calm in the whirlpool of hectic activity that we call London. She explained that the Zero Balancing Association will not train people unless they already have a solid working background in a respected health discipline, whether that’s acupuncture, shiatsu or in Della’s case as a physiotherapist who used to work at Guy’s Hospital caring for patients with ailments ranging from chronic emphysema, stroke survivors or injured sportsmen.

I had been recommended to visit a ZB practitioner by Sarah Ratty, the designer behind eco-friendly fashion label Ciel. As a successful businesswoman, Sarah had visited many different kinds of practitioners over the years, plus was a keen participant in regular yoga classes. She had always actively sought out good forms of support to keep her happy, healthy and aware. When a tragic car accident left her with severe and numerous bone fractures three years ago, Sarah regained her physical health and supported herself emotionally with the help of many different established and emerging systems and therapies. As somebody with a strong knowledge base in yoga and complimentary therapies, she was more ably equipped than many presented with such an enormous and painful challenge. When I sheepishly shared some of my minor ailments and insignificant problems with her a few months ago, this oracle of complimentary therapies that is my dear friend suggested ZB, saying that it has probably been the most effective therapy she has ever tried. High praise indeed. But I needed to know more.

ZB apparently works by the practitioner holding or pressing an area of the body with attention rather than with intent to change anything. The receiver may also give their attention to this place, increasing the effect. As energy follows attention, the area of imbalance will start to clear. On the surface, that’s about it. By giving attention to areas of imbalance, the idea is that the body will balance itself. By applying a comfortable pressure on the body where energy and structure meet, change can occur.

Della explained that ZB is unusual as a therapy, as few others work by contacting the energy and structure of a person simultaneously. Everybody is different and needs an individual kind of touch. Finding this is part of the skill involved for the practitioner. Della went on to say that the experience of working with different people’s energy and structure can be likened to driving different cars:

You may expect a big car like a Volvo to feel really heavy and slow to respond, only to find that it’s actually quite nippy and light. Or conversely, you might be behind the wheel of a Mini, and find it sluggish and heavy. Everyone inhabits their unique body in a unique way. A big strong man might energetically be very light and graceful. I could pick up his leg, and it would feel light. But sometimes a petite and slender woman might feel heavy and solid.

Particular attention is given to joints that are unable to be moved individually by their owner, such as where the ribs and spine meet, or those that cannot be moved at all voluntarily, such as the joints between the pelvis and the lower spine. These joints are often places where energy can get blocked, holding tension or emotion that is no longer serving the

Zero Balancing sessions are about receiving emotional, physical and energetic support. Usually the receiver starts the process with three weekly visits, following on with a monthly session. During the sessions, many people find that memories arise as energies get moving. Stresses are released, and well being is restored.

I had come to my first session during a period of stagnation in my working life. I felt out of control, as although I had signed contracts for three exciting projects, I had hit a wall of foot-dragging from the accounts departments, something no doubt familiar to every freelance. Various upsets were going on in my personal life (I’ll spare you the details, dear reader), and I simply needed a bit of support and to create a feeling of flow throughout my little world.

Following my first visit to Della, I climbed out of the depressing dumps and back into my happy self. The week following the second session, all the blooming accounts departments got moving and arranging to play ball. The week following the third session witnessed me feeling just balanced and normal and happy — content. Just comfortable, clear and ready to face the world and all its inhabitants. Throughout the three weeks, I also did experience some memories of old times, almost exclusively happy days. A good few old friends also contacted me separately out of the blue. The general feeling now is that in just three weeks I have returned from being a bit lost and overwhelmed with the drudgery of life to having integrated the best bits from the past, lifted my spirits and being up for the challenges that I love life to throw my way.

And they say that energy is invisible!

Contact Della Tysall on 020 7281 4011


Recommended reading: Zero Balancing by John Hamwee, with a foreword by Fritz Smith MD FCAC, published by Francis Lincoln.

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