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Quit Smoking!!!


Quitting smoking is easy. No really, it is!!! All the smoker has to do to stop smoking is to realise that they are addicted to a rubbish drug that does nothing. Smoking cigarettes does not help the smoker in any way at all. Smokers create hundreds of reasons why they smoke other than the only real reason — that they are simply addicted to nicotine. They talk about relieving stress, about something to do with their hands, about keeping them slim, about being sociable. All of these reasons are absolute nonsense. The one and only reason why anybody smokes is because they are addicted to a drug that they have to take in order to feel normal. They don’t even get the benefit of getting high as a trade off for massively increasing their risk of painful and premature slow death.

So, gentle reader, how can you help yourself to stub out that hideous cigarette that you’re smoking?! As you might have guessed by now, I am an ex-smoker, and am therefore delighted to share my tried and tested methods with you, your friends and family.

There are two top drug-free methods that are guaranteed to cure anybody who really wants to stop smoking. The first is London’s Third Space Quit Smoking package. The second is available to non-Londoners via a combination of Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking book coupled with Viridian’s anti-smoking program of nutritional supplements. I’ll describe the Third Space first…

The Third Space is an incredible integrated medical centre in the heart of London’s Soho that offers complementary medicine alongside orthodox. It’s based upstairs from Fresh & Wild’s flagship organic food store in Brewer Street, W1 and combines a radically stylish space with welcoming staff and a relaxed ambience.

The Quit Smoking package is a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and acupuncture devised by therapist and author Gloria Thomas. Hypnotherapy works like a fast version of psychotherapy, empowering the quitter to take the plunge and make the change that they want to make. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP for short is a fascinating and very practical range of psychological tools. Gloria uses this range of techniques to help you think about your habits in a lateral way. She’ll pick up on your habitual smoking times and places, such as after meals or when using the phone. Using NLP, you’ll become aware of these danger zones and work out effective strategies to change their meaning to something more positive. The acupuncture part of the package is handled by Chinese medicine expert Steve Kippax. Acupuncture can be effectively used to lessen cravings, lift the spirits and generally reduce the physical feelings of stress that can occur with tobacco withdrawal. For more information or to book your Quit Smoking package, go to www.thirdspace.com.

The other tried and tested method that I’d like to recommend is to read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking book published by Penguin Books, whilst starting a course of specially selected Viridian food supplements. Viridian is an award-winning ethical and green company at www.viridian-nutrition.com. They have formulated a great program of vitamins, minerals and herbs that gently supports your body’s natural detox as you stop smoking. There are six key products to the program; four capsules to be taken with meals, and two powders to be mixed with a little juice and drunk between meals.

Milk thistle herb is a classic aid to detoxing, as it supports the liver in the cleansing process. Green food blend helps to reduce acidity in the blood that is caused by the toxins in cigarette smoke. Antioxidant minerals and vitamins help to boost the immune system, whilst trace minerals help to reduce cravings. The Siberian herb Rhodiola rosea is such an effective stress reducer that Russian cosmonauts have used it for decades as part of the USSR space program! And L-glutamine powder is used to suppress cravings by dieters and ex-alcoholics, as well as tobacco quitters.

Taking these six supplements will effectively support your body in this vital transition. It also has the benefit of reaffirming your decision to stop smoking by establishing a new routine for the first month of the rest of your life.

So get ready, get set, just go for it!!

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