Plastic packaging and organic food

I agree with you. Over packaging organic fresh produce is disgraceful. It doesn't entirely defeat the object of buying organic, as you still get the taste and health benefits. But it does seriously undermine the environmental benefits of organic food. The reason that supermarkets wrap organic produce is to protect it from the pesticides that they spray on their fresh produce in store to keep the fruit flies away. So they have to wrap it in order to maintain its organic status. But the very best way to enjoy all the benefits of organic food and also protect the environment is to buy organic produce from a source that does not over package, such as a box delivery company or a farmers' market. You'll find that organic delivery services are way cheaper and more convenient than supermarkets when it comes to your weekly organic shopping. What could be more convenient than having your food brought direct to your door? And the food is locally grown, cutting down on food miles too.

Ysanne Spevack

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