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The Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar 2007

Working with the Stars

Compiled and edited by Maria and Matthias Thun
Translated from the German original by Bernard Jarman

(Floris Books, £5.99, www.florisbooks.co.uk)

This little paperback is the essential biodynamic planting guide for all organic gardeners. It is the original annual biodynamic planting guide, now in its 45th year, with suggested optimum planting times for most plant crops.

Incredibly condensed amounts of information are available in this small reference book, including a basic explanation of biodynamic principles, a day-by-day guide to beneficial planting times, non-invasive tips for controlling pests like slugs and grasshoppers, and even a top recipe for rye bread.

Illustrated throughout with some lovely photos and clear diagrams, the book is a practical calendar with extra pages of additional information and tips.

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