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Ysanne Spevack Organic Garden

Ysanne’s new cookbook ‘The No Sugar! Desserts & Baking Cookbook‘ is being published October 14, 2015. It’s hot on the heels of her last book, ‘The Ranch At Live Oak Cookbook‘ published by Rizzoli in March 2015, with great reviews in Vogue, W and more luxury lifestyle magazines.

Ysanne has thirteen books published in all, focused on organic food and living. Her writing has been published in the Los Angeles Times food section, Daily Mail UK, Food Illustrated, Organic Style, Natural Products News, Natural Parent, Yoga, and Organic Living, plus many other British, American and Asian magazines. She was founding consultant editor of Organic magazine, and regularly appeared on BBC radio when she was based in London, her hometown.

Her books have been translated into French, Dutch and Spanish. They include Organic Cookbook, and Fresh & Wild – A Real Food Adventure, which was commissioned by Whole Foods Market and published by HarperCollins. She wrote a major industry report for Reuters about healthy foods around the world.

Ysanne has grown organic edible gardens and looked after fruit trees for William Shatner, Patrick Dempsey, Barbra Streisand, Angela Lindvall, Jeanne & Anthony Pritzker, and many more families and private residences. She has a special relationship with The Ranch at Live Oak, where she was Head Gardener, and is writing an exciting book for them.

Gardening comes easy to this English organic garden expert. Her green thumb has added delicious organic goodness to the tables of many happy families. Preparing delicious dishes from ingredients she has grown is something Ysanne loves to do, whether a simple salad or a sumptuously indulgent dessert. Oh, and homemade chocolate? You got it!

“New York is similar in climate to England when compared to Southern California,” says Ysanne. “As I’ve recently relocated from LA to NYC, I’m excited about gardening in a climate zone with all four seasons, with all of the challenges that this brings!”

Los Angeles Magazine featured Ysanne in their October 2009 Gardening Edition. Conde Nast’s Easy Living magazine featured her in 2008, and House & Home Ideas magazine voted Ysanne an Eco-Hero in 2004. Her books have been praised by leading publications, including The Observer (UK), the Daily Mail (UK) and Zest magazine.

Below are photos of some of the organic vegetables she has grown in her gardens.


Napa cabbageRomanesco cauliflowerNovember fruitdecember basketFigapples and minneolas

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