Organic Food (see also Where to Shop)

Organic Delivery
London’s award winning organic food delivery people
Cumbria Organics
Co-operative of Cumbrian organic farms
Flour Power City
Delicious organic baked things
Blue Lotus Products
Delicious organic vegan cakes
Maison Plasse
French organics delivered throughout the UK
Organic herbs and spices
Chateau Papillon
Fine quality organic wines from Europe
Vintage Roots
Fine quality organic wines
Pet Organic
Organic animal food and care advice
Ethical, fairly traded Palestinian olive oil
Raw Living
Raw food information site
Newfields Organics
A lovely English organic farm
Rude Health Foods
Nutritious organic cereals and goji berries
Chocolate Organic
Online organic chocolate shop. Delivery UK, Europe, International.
Authentic organic Japanese speciality foods
Natural Grocery
Organic and natural groceries delivered throughout the UK
Moorlands Farm Shop
Organic and speciality meats from Fishleigh Estate in the West Country
Japanese Green Tea Shop
Organic Japanese green tea, direct from Japan
Real Food Lover
Elisabeth Winkler explores real food recipes in her home kitchen
Hacienda Olives
Organic olives direct from Seville
Earth’s Sweet Pleasures
Organic fudge from California
The Organic Gift Hamper Company
British organic food hampers
Buy Big Organic
UK online store for all your organic food supplies
Organic Pastures
California raw milk, dairy products and beef
Ultimate Superfoods
Exactly what the name implies – the very highest quality cacao, agave nectar and more
Greek artisan olive oil and olives
Organic By The Case
US organic online store
Home Town Seeds
Superb quality organic, open-pollinated seeds for home sprouting
Mr Organic
Italian tomato-based grower and manufacturer with an awesome website

Organic Meat

Swaddles Organic
A great organic meat farm and delivery service
Graig Farm Organics
Award-winning organic meat cooperative
Hugh Grierson
Organic Aberdeen Angus beef and organic lamb
Organic Kosher
Meat that’s ethical and spiritual, too
Heritage Prime
Biodynamically raised meat
Country Cuts
Organic meats from Cumbria, gluten-free range
Castle Acre Organic
Aberdeen Angus Beef, Poll Dorset and LLeyn Lamb, and more
Pertwood Organic Farm
Free local delivery in Wiltshire and Somerset
Speyside Organics
From heather-covered hills in Scotland
SussexWay Meat
Local organic meat for Sussex
Well Hung Meat
Award-winning organic meat delivery company
Organic Halal Meat
Soil Association certified organic meat, prepared in the traditional Halal way
Lowther Park Farms
Lake District family offering organic meat, including chicken, lamb and goat
Save The Bacon
Organic meat deliveries from the Midlands to the whole of Britain
Appleby’s Organic
Exceptional pork and organic meats
Northumbrian Organic Meat
Organic heirloom meat and poultry
Eat Wild
Directory of farms in the US and Canada who raise pasture-fed, truly free-range animals
Polyface Farms and Joel Salatin
Organic farming pioneer Joel Salatin shares his thoughts on pasture-raised meat

Organic Baby Food & Things

Makes a Change
Eco-friendly, organic and fairtrade baby boutique
Organic nappies for your wee bairns
Tiny Sprout
Organic baby gifts
Natural Nursery
Organic baby clothes, toiletries, etc.
Organic baby clothes cut to fit over cloth nappies
Gorgeous organic baby stuff
Ecobaby Basics
Organic baby food, nappies, clothes and toys
Global Kids
Natural, organic and fairtrade mum, baby and child
Lovely biodynamic and organic baby supplies
Organic baby clothes and natural skincare
Aloe Baby
Organic baby skin care products
Holistic pregnancy retreats in Southern Spain
OK Foods
Organic freshly prepared lunches for pre-school kids in South Devon
Pure Organics
Organic baby and children clothes, plus organic skincare
Happy Kiddies
UK site for fairtrade, organic and natural products
Organix Baby Food
Belle and Dean
100% natural certified organic cotton baby clothing
Kiddies Kitchen
Real food for children

People Who Know About Organics

Soil Association
Go see, they’re at the centre of UK organics
Organic Farmers & Growers
The second largest organic certifiers in the UK
Organic Centre Wales
Your first stop for information on organic food and farming in Wales
Biodynamic Agricultural Association
Supporting biodynamic agriculture
Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative
For all your organic milk news and information
Why Organic?
A Soil Association site about exactly that
Organic Authority
Great online American organic magazine
Emerson College
College for all things Steiner, including biodynamics
Food Ethics Coucil
Independent think-tank creating solutions for better food and farming.
Online magazine for organic trade
Organic Researcher
Links to interesting organic food stories
Vegan Organic
Vegan organization in the UK

People Who Know About Fish

Interactive advice on which fish are eco-friendly
Marine Conservation Society
Essential guide to which wild fish are sustainably caught
The Marine Stewardship Council
Promoting the best environmental choice in seafood
Jefferson’s Seafoods
Fabulous Cornish sustainable fish and seafood online shop
Blue Ocean Institute
Science, art and literature to develop ocean conservation solutions

People Who Know About Growing Stuff

Europe’s premier organic gardening organisation
Organic UK
Independent advice and support for UK organic gardeners
Permaculture Magazine
The UK’s permaculture magazine
Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens
Go visit your local city farm
Cultivating Communities
Community supported agriculture
Organic Gardening
A guide to organic gardening and soil management
Gardening and farming advice
Vertical Farm
Grow food in the middle of cities
Farm Wildlife
Wildlife information for farmers
Everything you ever wanted to know about composting
J.L. Hudson Seeds
A pioneering independent seed company who have everything you could wish for
Reckless Orchard
Promoting, encouraging and designing orchards
The Green Gym
Get a work out while gardening! Very cool idea…
Organic Researcher
Blog about organic food and farming
Arbico Organics
Beneficial bugs in the mail, anywhere in the USA
Home Grown Evolution
Urban gardeners who also ferment, brew and make cheese
Silver Lake Farms
Local urban farm offering gardening workshops in Los Angeles
Home Town Seeds
Superb quality organic, open-pollinated seeds for home sprouting

People Who Know About Food & Nutrition

The Institute of Optimum Nutrition
Promoting awareness in all matters relating to nutrition through education and personal consultation
Nutri People
Find qualified nutritional practitioners in the UK
Slow Food
Take it nice ‘n’ slowly
The woman behind the ‘Super Size Me’ chap
Great British Kitchen
Fantastic resource for British recipes
Daphne Lambert’s healthy food site
Grain Information Service
Information about wheat intolerance
The School of Natural Cookery & Life Energetics
Great natural cooking courses
Bristol Cancer Help Centre
Premier cancer relief and healing centre in Europe
Living Foods For Health
Raw food expert
The Macrobiotic Guide
Resource for travellers, schools, doctors, health-care professionals, caterers, food manufacturers
Online magazine for nutrition and natural health
Green Chronicle
Organic recipes and organic gardening
eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters
Great culinary forum
Soya is bad
Felicity Lawrence’s thoroughly researched and excellently written article about soya

People Who Know About Veggie & Animal Issues

The Vegetarian Society
Promoting vegetarian diets
Vegan Society
Information on vegan diet and lifestyle
Vegan Village
Vegan community online magazine
The Fresh Network
Raw food vegan magazine site
Funky Raw
Raw food magazine and festival
Compassion in World Farming Trust
Campaigning to end the factory farming of animals and long distance transport
Chicken Buddies
Non-profit site for people adopting ex-battery hens
Vegan Porn
News and views from vegan hipsters
Vegetarian restaurants and shops around the world

People Who Know About Green Issues

The Pesticide Action Network
Working to eliminate the hazards of pesticides
Campaigning for the planet
Friends of the Earth
And so are these guys
Sustainable local seasonal food campaigners
Women’s Environmental Network
Campaigning on environmental and health issues from a female perspective
Planet Ark
Global newsfeed from Reuters
Broadband eco-television channel
The Green Directory
Green people, organisations, and businesses
Green Events
Thought-provoking eco-events listings site
Centre for Alternative Technology
Information and shopping for eco-products
Georgina Downs – UK Pesticides Campaigner
Anti-pesticides campaign
Recycling resources
Eco culture informed by technology
The Environment Site
Forum and blogs for the eco community
Great recycling resource
Modern eco-consumerism magazine
Entertaining American online enviro-news
Turn Up The Heat
George Monbiot explores air travel and climate change
Strong durable plastics made from hemp
Low Bagger
US eco-site from Mike Rosell (Earth First) and Randy Hayes (Rainforest Action Network)
All Things Eco
Links site for British business that are eco-friendly
Planet Walk
John Francis, inspirational African American environmentalist who vowed silence for 18 years
Weston Price Foundation for Wise Traditions
Concise information about food, farming and the healing arts
Saving Civilization
How to save money and save the environment
Green England
Directory of green sites in England
Smart Planet
Be smart, be green
The Accidental EcoManiac
Miranda’s personal journey to eco-living
Mother Earth News
Comprehensive website for green living
Go Green Expo
America’s largest eco-friendly tradeshow

People Who Know About Ethics

Make Trade Fair
Sign up to help make trade fair
The Fairtrade Foundation
Working to guarantee a better deal to producers in the developing world
Food Ethics Council
Practical ethics to help navigate the food industry
Ethical Consumer magazine online
Get the low down on fast food
Fluoride Action Network
International coalition to end water fluoridation
Kentucky Fried Cruelty
Excellent site dedicated to naming and shaming junk food evildoers
Supermarket Sweep Up
Spotlights British supermarkets and their wrong-doings
B Healthy
Pioneering cookery education for young people with low incomes.
Big Picture TV
Free video clips of world-renowned environmental and social sustainability thinkers.
Map Light
Money and politics: Illuminating the connection

Against Genetic Modification

Green Gloves
Essential anti-GM site for democracy-lovers
GM Leaflet
Promoting involvement in the national GM public debate
Five Year Freeze
On genetic engineering and patenting in food and farming
GeneWatch UK
A not-for-profit public interest group
Fax Your MP
The easy way to be heard
Islamic GM Focus
GM awareness from a Muslim perspective
Bite Back
Lobbying and information site

Click To Donate To Charity

The Hunger Site
Donate free food
The Breast Cancer Site
Free mammograms provided by your visit
The Child Health Site
Critical health services for children
The Literacy Site
Fund books for children
The Rain Forest Site
Preserve endangered land
The Animal Rescue Site
Fund free food for animals

Organic Holidays & Breaks

Natural Discovery
Special eco-holidays and eco home products
Organic Holidays
Eat organic whilst enjoying a break
Irish Mist
Organic smallholding holidays
The Hill that Breathes
Delicious food and yoga holidays in Italy
Highdown Farm
Organic dairy farm with holiday cottages
International WWOOF Association
World-wide opportunities on organic farms
Huntstile Organic Farm
Gorgeous working organic farm in the Quantocks
Bed & Breakfast Bio
The first Organic Bed & Breakfast in Rome
Organic Tuscany
Slow cooked holidays in Tuscany
Bicycle Beano Cycling Holidays
Cycling holidays, with delicious organic vegetarian cuisine.
Glenora Hotel
4 Star guesthouse in central Edinburgh serving organic food
Tamarisk Farm
Holiday cottages run by a great organic farm next to Chesil Beach, Dorset
Total Escape
California’s guide to local adventures, activites and cool places

Organic Wellbeing & Home

Centre for Alternative Technology
Information and shopping for eco-products
Good Earth Catalogue
Vegetarian health, beauty and pet care products
There Must Be a Better Way!
Organic body care and make-up
Organic body care
Luxurious Health
High quality health and relaxation products
The Green Emporium
Eco household and beauty stuff
Eco-friendly home decorating
Juicers, dehydrators, water purifiers and more
Holistic Pages
Listings site for complimentary medicine practitioners
Energise for Life
Raw food supplies
Mother Earth
Organic and natural skin care
Urbane Living
Natural and wood eco-flooring
Little Green Nursery
Skin care good enough to eat
Natural as Nature
Organic bedding, clothing and toiletries
The Healthiest Web Page on the Internet
Links to healthy stuff
Organic luxury for the home and baby gifts
Earth Aroma
Organic fair trade resin incense, pure essential oils, soaps and more
Being Organic
Exclusively sells organic certified personal care products
Detox Coach
British lady who helps you detox and also life-coaches
EcoTextile News
Monthly magazine for sustainable textile industries
Organic Rush
Lovely eco-friendly things for your home.
Organic aromatic treasures for health, beauty, and abundance
Nigel’s Eco Store
Eco products for your home
The Natural Shop
British organic and ethical gifts store
Raw skincare
The world’s first raw skincare range, made with organic ingredients
Hemp Garden
Organic hemp body care products for the UK

Organic Caterers

Organic Express
Organic catering company
Organic Buffet
UK’s organic buffet caterers

Green Services

Triodos Bank
The ethical bank that invests your cash in organic farming
Green Endings
For when it’s all over…
Wiggly Wigglers
And it turns into compost!
Scottish Worms
Worms and worm compost bins for home composting
Green jobs in the UK
Green Gold BioDiesel
A petrol station that only sells biodiesel (and also organic food)
The Green Provider’s Directory
Links to green goods and services

Local Organics

National Association of Farmers’ Markets
The UK’s farmers’ market listings site
London Farmers’ Markets
London’s farmers’ markets listings site
The UK Organic Directory
UK shopping listings site
London Food Link
Sustainable local food choices for Londoners
Wessex Organic Movement
Raising awareness in Wessex
Scottish Agricultural College
Scottish site for organic farmers
Ash Green Organics
Local organic market stalls in London
Northumbria Organic Producers
Shopping resource for local organic produce in Northumbria
Free Range Review
Portal site for local food across the USA
Forage San Francisco
Weekly delovery of foraged wild foods in California
Everything you ever wanted to know about home preserving

Cool Stuff

The Meatrix
Animation about meat farms
The Meatrix 2: Revolting
Animation about dairy farms
Food and politics events for fun
National Downshifting Week
Slow down and enjoy life more
I Made It Last
Decides whose turn it is to make the tea
Big Picture
Eco interviews
Short films about extraordinary people
Ecopsychology, occulture and commentary: blog, journal & more, from our webmaster, Steve Taylor
High Intelligence
Journey beyond dualism with this global dialectic for the internet
The City Gas Guzzler
Greenpeace anti-SUV commercial
The True Cost of Food
Animation about the hidden costs of cheap food
The Meatrix 2 1/2
Moopheus is endangered once again at the meat processing plant
Sexy Bitches Like It Raw
Raw food meets comedy for these crazy Californian gals
Oliver Moore’s Blog
Blog about organics in Ireland
Food History News
Wonderful website documenting the history of North American food
Burning Man
Unmissable. (especially now it’s gone green)
Bubble and Bee
Organic personal care products that are delicious
Happy Kiddies
UK site for fairtda
The Natural Princess
Cute blog by princess who likes natural stuff
Future forward design for the world you inhabit
I Love Strings
Ysanne’s music site
Attack of the killer zucchini
Cookery foodie blog covering Europe and America

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