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The Little Food Book

An Explosive Account of the Food We Eat Today

by Craig Sams

(Alistair Sawday Publishing, £6.99, www.littleearth.co.uk/food)

Ever wanted a fabulous book that can be read in five minute chunks? This pocket-sized gem is a must-have for all train journeys, waiting rooms or visits to the smallest room.

Packed with expertly researched evidence, this weighty little book covers every conceivable thing that is brilliant about organic food culture. Standard reasons to go organic are thoroughly explored, such as pesticides, additives, fair trade and nutrition. However, there are nearly fifty essays in this book to provoke you to renew your commitment to wholesome food.

Eye-openers include the chapters about fast food, functional food, microwaves, hydrogenated fats and hormones in non-organic meat production. Are you aware of functional foods, the non-organic processed foods with added pharmachemicals? Did you know that microwaving food actually damages the molecular structure of your meal?

There are new facts for even the most learned of organic food enthusiasts as well as organic dabblers. Here are a few examples from the book:

At £6.99, The Little Food Book is essential reading for you or as a gift to your skeptical friends and family. A wealth of information from a leading organic pioneer of our times.

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