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Dump the Junk

by Mary Whiting, with cartoons by Ben Nash

(www.moonscapebooks.com £7.99)

Kids have always been a tricky bunch to feed. They’ve always had funny phases, awkward aversions and picky problems. But whilst we adults may once have been a pain in the bum for our parents to feed, today’s kids can be way more difficult.

How did it get this bad? A combination of highly skilled direct targeted marketing at children coupled with a massive array of foul and beastly products for them to be lured into consuming. So what’s a parent to do — simply yell at them to eat their lovely organic kale?! Certainly not… simply get yourself a copy of this book.

It’s packed with imaginative ideas to get them to eat their organic dinners and avoid hideous processed nastiness. Not only that, there’s advice on how to survive shopping trips, how to avoid rubbishy school dinners, and even some recipes which might tempt the little angels into a bit of creativity in the kitchen. What’s more, there are some great stories from other parents telling of similar woes to your current mealtimes, all illustrated with some fun pics.

My favourite anecdote of the book is the classic way to avoid the “Kenyan” Fried Chicken syndrome:

I put my two girls off chicken nuggets straight away. I said, “You wouldn’t want those — they’re made from chickens’ bottoms and chickens’ faces.” They never asked for them again!

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