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Banana ice-cream

banana ice cream

This banana ice-cream needs to be made with organic fairtrade bananas so that it’s just as ethical as it is delicious. Surprisingly sweet. There’s also a fabulous easy-peasy ice lolly recipe at the bottom of this page…

(makes enough to fill six ice-cream cones)

4 organic fairtrade bananas (about 450g)
200g reduced fat crème fraiche

1. Peel the bananas, cut them into slices (less than one cm).
2. Cut each banana piece in half. Lay the small banana slices on greaseproof paper, on a freezer proof tray (so that the pieces don’t touch each other). Freeze for 1½ – 2 hours until the banana has frozen.
3. Put the frozen banana and crème fraiche into a food processor and put the lid on.
4. With dry hands, use the pulse button to blend the banana and crème fraiche – quick little pulses until it mixes up. If some of the mixtures sticks to the side, stop the machine, remove the top and carefully push it down with a wooden spoon. Replace the lid and start using the pulse button again. It is fun isn’t it?
5. Put the banana ice-cream into a bowl.

You can also add a few strawberries chopped up small if you want, right at the end.

More aventurous ideas:

• Add some grated Fairtrade organic chocolate.
• For crunch – put four ginger biscuits into a plastic bag, tie the bag and crush the biscuits with a rolling pin. Be careful to use only gentle hits or rolls or you may break the bag. Add the crushed biscuits to your ice-cream.


• Cut a banana in half and carefully push a lolly pop stick into one end.
Freeze and you have a banana lolly. Try coating it in yogurt and grated Fairtrade chocolate for a special treat.


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