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Omniblend v. Vitamix

If you’ve never experienced the awesome power of a Vitamix blender, you’ll wonder why aficionados shell out around $500 in the US, or £450 in the UK. What could possibly be that amazing about a blender??!

Pure. Pulverizing. Power.

It will demolish anything, from grinding coffee beans to liquifying smoothies.
Your kitchen will never be the same again.

So why am I going to recommend you buy an Omniblend instead? Well, it’s a new brand of high-power blender that pulverizes just as effectively… but for half the price!!!

The Omniblend is a beautifully-built machine. It has a “built to last” feel about it, with excellent attention to details like the housing for the components, ergonomics of the pitcher, and all-round professional feel.

There are three controls on the front panel: “Low,” “Medium,” and “High.” There’s also a “Pulse” function, and three timer functions so you can pound your ingredients hands-free for allotted increments of time.

The Omniblend takes whizzing to a new level, way beyond anything a regular blender does. It’s not just for smoothies (although it totally handles these with ease). My first task for my Omniblend was to transform a bag of raw mesquite powder from a roughly ground texture to a superfine powder.

The brand of mesquite powder I’d purchased wasn’t as finely powdered as my regular brand, resulting in my recipes having a less silky texture than my regular brand. Instead of discarding a whole package of raw mesquite, I tried pulverizing it in the Omniblend.

It worked perfectly! The mesquite was utterly power-pulverized, resulting in a completely different texture, and also a perceptibly sweeter flavour profile… The tiny particles are now so teeny they’re able to sink into the tongue’s taste-buds. An amazing transformation from a slightly sub-standard ingredient into a truly gourmet experience!

Job number two was to micro-chop a bag of dried dulse so that it can be sprinkled onto fresh salad greens, without the need to soak it. In the US, there are a few brands offering dulse flakes that are fine enough to use in this way, but in the UK, I’ve yet to find a ready-made packet of dulse flakes that’s ready to use as a garnish straight out of the packet.

And so, I poured a packet of raw dulse into the Omniblend, hit the “High” function, and about 3 minutes later… dulse flakes! Ready to be sprinkled, no soaking necessary. Like gomasio, but different. Delicious!

The texture of soaked dulse is nice, but it functions completely differently to little dried flakes.
This is fun. I’m loving my Omniblend experiments!

And so at this stage, I figured it’s time to do some more standard raw fare:
a hemp mylk smoothie.

1/4 cup shelled hemp seeds
a ripe banana
1 litre water
1 teaspoon maca
1 tablespoon cacao
1 fresh date, pitted

Whizzed it for a couple of minutes. Silky smooth. Ready to rock in no time at all.

And so my honest opinion?

A Vitamix is perhaps 5% more powerful than the Omniblend
But as the Omniblend costs about 50% less than a Vitamix…

Without a doubt, I recommend getting the Omniblend. It’s a serious blender, beautifully made, will last you for decades, open whole vistas of new recipes and food experiences, and is incredible value for money.

And if you’d like one in the UK, visit Omniblend Kitchen Blenders or Raw Living

Book Review: Raw Magic

Raw Magic by Kate Magic

by Kate Magic
Published by Process Media

What’s the definition of a desert island book? If it’s the one and only book you pack when you’re traveling from Los Angeles to London for the winter… well, that makes Raw Magic my desert island book!

So much more than a cook book, Raw Magic is an encyclopaedia of every raw magic ingredient that has the power to make us feel good. It’s a potentially life-changing book. Seriously.

It’s hard to describe without sounding too far-fetched, but adding these superfoods to my existing diet has dramatically improved my sense of well-being, cognitive skills, mood, and my physical appearance. I’m happier, smarter, more stable, slimmer, and have better skin simply from adding a few of these delicious ingredients into my daily diet. Note, this isn’t about excluding things… it’s about adding a few delicious natural ingredients. Because these raw ingredients really are magic, hence the name!

I love Kate’s enthusiasm when describing how to eat deliciously and healthily. She is incredibly knowledgeable about these extremely rare ingredients, and she shares her knowledge in such a cool, easy to understand, and downright groovy way. There’s a zero dogma policy, a very inclusive philosophy that welcomes you, whatever your lifestyle. This book simply gives the facts, without judging or wagging its finger.

For me, this book is 80% about the opening 77 pages, where in-depth descriptions are given of the raw magic ingredients recommended by Kate. This is the portion of the book that I refer to regularly, the place that offers daily guidance about which of these powerful potions to enjoy at each moment.

That said, the 160 recipes that are contained in the rest of the book are also fabulously inspiring, with well-balanced flavours and practical instructions. They always work, always taste divine, and are very flexible if you decide you want to experiment with them.

So yes, I should declare that Kate Magic is one of the dearest friends, with a friendship spanning over twenty years and two continents. And yes, Kate has contributed recipes to OrganicFodee too! And what’s more, I did introduce her to the publishers, who are also good friends of mine! So this book is very close to my heart for these reasons…

But this gushing review isn’t swayed by these factors; it’s simply my honest opinion, backed by the actions I took when packing this book as my one and only cook book for the winter.

Treat yourself, pick up a copy of Raw Magic, and why not send one to a friend as well! There’s simply no better cookbook to detox this January, and to return to for inspiration throughout the year.

Review by Ysanne Spevack

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